Premium scientific editing — full cooperation — one fee

We understand the pressure on Chinese researchers to publish in high-impact English journals, present at international meetings in English and form collaborative teams around the world.

We've been editing for Chinese researchers, journals and books since 2007. We've lived in China and worked at Chinese organisations and research facilities. We believe the editing market is filled with companies that overcharge, use complicated fee structures and don't respect the scientific writing process.


  • We believe your paper should be edited to the highest standard, every single time. We don't believe in complicated and obscure editing fees and services.
  • We understand the drafting process (we write and publish our own science papers too!) and offer multiple rounds of editing before you submit to your chosen journal - we aren't happy until you are 100% happy.

  • We make ourselves available on email and QQ during the editing and submission process to help answer additional questions you may have.

  • We'll help you respond to reviewers and editors, and help you select the right publication strategy for your goals and paper.

  • We're a small business, which means we are flexible and fast.


Our rate for standard manuscripts (up to 7000 words) is 2500 RMB. We offer a discount the first time you work with us, and reward you if you refer colleagues. 


We've edited, proofread and helped format papers for submission to hundreds of journals, from the biggest well-known journals to smaller niche publications. Regardless of where you're submitting your paper, we treat every project as if you are submitting it to Nature, Science or PNAS and provide the highest level of detail and input.



QQ: 1182295316